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We offer a range of storage options for everyone from small 15sqft rooms to large outdoor 20ft containers, offering 160 sqft of storage, all on a single level with drive up access. Get in touch with us and we can talk through what you are trying to store and make sure you get the right size. Getting storage is not something you do every day but it is something we know a lot about and are really happy to help.


Our containers are roughly the size of a large garage. A 20ft container should be able to accommodate the contents of a 3 bed home if packed well. We do encourage a site visit before you arrive with your goods, so that you have an accurate idea of what will fit in the space provided. If you would like more information do visit our container storage page.

Take our advice - Our containers are 20ft deep, 8ft wide and 8.5ft tall, 160sqft of storage space.

If you have further questions you may find the answer in our FAQ section. To contact us please use this phone or email:


When it comes to storing your belongings safely, it’s important to choose the right storage unit size. However, it can be tricky to decide which size option it’s best to go for. Since you need to estimate how much space you’ll require when your items are packed into boxes. In general, you don’t want to have too much or not enough space as the latter can make the whole storage organising process more daunting.

  • Our container storage is built to a full marine specification – manufactured from corrosion resistant corten steel
  • Protected with marine grade paint
  • Fitted with additional ventilation – to ensure condensation is not a problem
  • Fitted with absorb poles to counter any condensation caused by fluctuations in extreme external temperatures.
  • Fitted with high locking bars – for ease of use.
  • A wipe clean 28mm marine ply floor that is specially sealed and certified as being rot and vermin proof.
  • Factory fitted lock box high security lock box with anti-jemmy lugs fitted to the doors – which shrouds the padlock and protects it from interference.
  • A high quality padlock, provided with the container.


The 10ft (80 sqft container) is roughly the size of a large garden shed and will allow you to store the contents of a couple of rooms, or garden furniture. The 20ft container (160sqft) is the size of 1 and 1/2 garages and would accommodate the contents of a 3 bedroom house, we would recommend possibly taking a 10ft container in addition to the 20ft if you have a lot of items from your loft, shed, garage and garden furniture.


Size Per Week Per month
80sqft £57.25 £248.08
160sqft £72.75 £315.25
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We provide free use of:

  • Trolleys
  • Pallet Trucks
  • Fork Lifts are available upon request and there is a small charge, please refer to Managed Storage for pricing
  • Padlocks are provided as standard and are yours to keep
  • We have car parking adjacent to the buildings for customers to use
  • The buildings are monitored with CCTV cameras to provide extra peace of mind
  • Our storage buildings are carbon negative and fully powered by our solar panels
  • 24 hour storage available on request


The sizes detailed below are approximate, we always advise coming to the site to view the rooms as many are bespoke and vary slightly from the specific dimensions listed below.

15sqft rooms - about the size of a large broom cupboards and can fit a small wardrobe and plastic boxes neatly stacked or two washing machines stacked. These rooms are ideal for Christmas decorations, kayaks, paddle board, archive boxes or storage boxes stacked. The rooms are approx. 7ft tall.

*NEW* Due to popular demand we have created a 25ft² which is in between our 15ft² and 35ft². This is similar to the size of a garden shed.

35sqft rooms - about the size of a small garden shed and are larger and can accommodate some items of furniture, such as chairs, small tables, small wardrobe etc. This one of our most popular sizes.

50sqft rooms - about the size of a Transit van, it can accommodate larger items of furniture, such as a small sofa, small chair, tables, small wardrobe etc.

*NEW* We are now offering 60ft² too meaning you can fit an extra armchair, extra boxes, or awkward shaped furniture!

75sqft rooms - about the sized of a Luton van and one of our most popular sizes and would take the furniture of two rooms in a house or the contents of a small apartment.

100sqft rooms - about the size of a standard single garage and our most popular room size. This fits a Luton van.

*NEW* We have introduced 110ft² if you need that little bit of extra space.

150sqft rooms - about the size of 1 and 1/2 garages and the largest indoor room we offer, the next largest storage option is a 20ft container offering 160sqft of storage space. This would easily accommodate the contents of a house.

Room storage prices

Size Per Week Per month
15sqft £13.75 £59.58
25sqft £19.25 £83.42
35sqft £22.75 £98.58
50sqft £32.75 £141.92
60sqft £40.25 £174.42
75sqft £47.25 £204.75
100sqft £59.75 £258.92
110sqft £62.75 £271.92
150sqft £77.25 £334.75
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There are 3 main locations for vehicle storage onsite, all with signed and allocated spaces and all on hard standing. We house caravans, campervans, boats, trailers and other large vehicles. As security is so important to us we ask our customers to fulfill the following criteria when storing their vehicle with us:

  • Wheel clamp or tow lock to be used
  • Ideally vehicle to be covered
  • A CRiS certificate or log book as proof of ownership
  • Specific insurance to cover the vehicle when it is stored on our premises.

Our storage insurance doesn't cover vehicles, so you will need to take out additional cover which is available from or

Vehicle storage prices

Size Per Week Per month
vehiсle £36.50 £158.17
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Container Storage

£ 57.25
Per Week (inc VAT)

80sqft – £57.25 per week
£248.08 per month

160sqft – £72.75 per week
£315.25 per month

Indoor Storage

£ 13.75
Per Week (inc VAT)

15sqft – £13.75 per week
£59.58 per month

25sqft – £19.25 per week
£83.42 per month

35sqft – £22.75 per week
£98.58 per month

50sqft – £32.75 per week
£141.92 per month

60sqft – £40.25 per week
£174.42 per month

75sqft – £47.25 per week
£204.75 per month

100sqft – £59.75 per week
£258.92 per month

110sqft – £62.75 per week
£271.92 per month

150sqft – £77.25 per week
£334.75 per month

Vehicle storage

£ 36.50
Per Week (inc VAT)

£158.17 Per month


First Month for £1

Selected unit sizes based on availability can be discounted to £1 for the first month providing you store with us for longer than two months. Please request when you contact us and we can advise what offers are available.

Our excellent strategic position allows us to service a range of locations throughout Berkshire, including MaidenheadBracknall, Wokingham, Reading, Henley and Woodley. Highly secure and readily accessible 24/7, get in touch to book your unit.