Protecting Your Goods

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This is one of our containers opened so you can see the size and cleanliness.

As a member of the Self Storage Association (SSA) we have an obligation to ensure all of our storage customers are adequately covered for the duration of the time they store with us. StoreProtect is a policy which covers your belongings when they are not stored in your home or business.

Our StoreProtect has been created by Basil Fry, a specialist in commercial insurance in conjunction with the SSA and offers a protection cover for your goods whilst in storage with us.

Average StoreProtect Cover

Please see the average coverage level below that we recommend for each storage unit to ensure you are adequately covered when you store with us.

Room SizesRecommended Cover
80ft² (10ft Container)£8,000
160ft² (20ft Container)£12,000

As an example the average StoreProtect cover for a 20ft container is £12,000 new for old cover as this size fits the contents of a 3-4 bed house. It is highly likely that the cover will need to be more than this in order to ensure you are adequately covered.

Taking specific Storage StoreProtect prevents any increases to your home policy premiums and means you are covered when you are in between addresses.

What does it cover?

Not all home insurance policies will cover belongings that are stored outside of the home, and others will have limits on how long they will cover stored items. If you do not have specific storage insurance or cover means it means you will be not compensated if any of your items in storage are affected by damp, scratches, fire. Subsidencestorm, flood, sprinkler damage or vandalism are also not covered. However, a good storage insurance policy will cover all these things. 

StoreProtect or proof of insurance is mandatory at Sheeplands Self Storage. This way we all have peace of mind that your belongings are safe and secure for the duration of your contract agreement. Please get in touch with us for rates and details.