As a member of the Self Storage Association (SSA) we have an obligation to ensure all of our storage customers are adequately covered with insurance for the duration of the time they store with us. Storage insurance is a policy which covers your belongings when they are not stored in your home or business. Some home contents insurance policies can be adapted to cover off site storage at an in crease to your insurance premium for the year, or, if you are in between homes then bespoke storage insurance is available from Sheeplands Self Storage.

Not all home insurance policies will cover belongings that are stored outside of the home, and others will have limits on how long they will cover stored items. This means that you will be not compensated if any of your items in storage are affected by fire, earthquake, subsidencestorm, flood, sprinkler damage or vandalism. However, a good storage insurance policy will cover all these things. 

Insurance or proof of insurance is mandatory at Sheeplands Self Storage so we all have peace of mind that your belongings are safe and secure for the duration of your contract agreement. Please get in touch with us for rates and details as we have insurance policies starting from only £2.45 per week,