Indoor Room Storage

It's official, we are the "Best Independent Self Storage Facility in the UK".

Showing off our indoor room storage facility!

Whether you are moving house; renovating, running out of space, moving overseas or a student needing to store items short term then our room storage solutions are something you should consider.  We have a new converted farm building and a large bespoke building with many room sizes available to cater for all of your requirements. These are rooms which are smaller than our containers and are ideal for less bulky items.

Ideal for both personal and business use, our easily accessible and excellent facilities ensure that we are the areas’ No.1 self-storage company, renowned for our customer service and the fact we go the extra mile to help.   We have an onsite maintenance team who (through prior arrangement and a small fee) can help you out with the use of a pallet truck or forklift or simply as an extra pair of hands to move you into an upstairs storage room.  Other benefits include:

  • Conveniently located on the A4 between Maidenhead and Reading
  • Car parking available
  • Extra wide doors and corridors
  • Loading bay
  • Forklift truck service available on request
  • Padlock included
  • 160 storage rooms onsite
  • Sizes ranging from 15sqft (like a large broom cupboard), 35sqft, 50sqft, 75sqft (about the size of a Luton Van), 100sqft (about the size of a garage) and 150sqft.


Size Per Week Per month
15sqft £13.75 £59.58
25sqft £19.25 £83.42
35sqft £22.75 £98.58
50sqft £32.75 £141.92
60sqft £40.25 £174.42
75sqft £47.25 £204.75
100sqft £59.75 £258.92
110sqft £62.75 £271.92
150sqft £77.25 £334.75
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The sizes detailed below are approximate, we always advise coming to the site to view the rooms as many are bespoke and vary slightly from the specific dimensions listed below.

15sqft rooms are like large broom cupboards and can fit a small wardrobe and plastic boxes neatly stacked or two washing machines stacked. These rooms are ideal for Christmas decorations, kayaks, paddle board, archive boxes or storage boxes stacked. The rooms are approx. 7ft tall.

*NEW* Due to popular demand we have created a 25ft² which is in between our 15ft² and 35ft². This is similar to the size of a garden shed.

This shows what you can fit in a 15sqft room.

35sqft rooms - about the size of a garden shed and can accommodate some items of furniture, such as chairs, small tables, small wardrobe etc. This one of our most popular sizes.

This shows what you can fit in a 35sqft room.

50sqft rooms  - about the size of a Transit Van and can accommodate larger items of furniture, such as a small sofa, small chair, tables, small wardrobe etc.

*NEW* We are now offering 60ft² too meaning you can fit an extra armchair, extra boxes, or awkward shaped furniture!

This shows what you can fit in a 50sqft room.

75sqft rooms  - about the size of a Luton Van and are one of our most popular sizes and would take the furniture of two rooms in a house or the contents of a small apartment.

This shows what you can fit in a 75sqft room.

100sqft rooms - about the size of a single garage and are our most popular room size. This fits a Luton van.

*NEW* We have introduced 110ft² if you need that little bit of extra space.

This shows what you can fit in a 100sqft room.

150sqft rooms  - about the size of 1 and 1/2 garages or 2 Luton Van loads. These are the largest indoor rooms we offer, the next largest storage option is a 20ft container offering 160sqft of storage space. This would easily accommodate the contents of a 3 to 4 bed house.

This shows what you can fit in a 150sqft room.

We are located in Wargrave Berkshire!

Our excellent strategic position allows us to service a range of locations throughout Berkshire, including MaidenheadBracknall, Wokingham, Reading, Henley and Woodley. Highly secure and readily accessible 24/7, get in touch to book your unit.

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