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Storing student stuff in Self-Storage in summer holidays

Trying to squeeze in all the belongings accumulated by your child at university is daunting, but not as daunting as having to pay for accommodation all Summer! Storing student belongings in a Self-Storage unit during summer holidays is a common practice. It can be a convenient and secure solution for students who need to vacate their dormitories or rental accommodations temporarily. Here are a few steps to consider when using Self-Storage for storing student stuff:

  1. Determine Size Requirements: Assess the amount of stuff you need to store to determine the appropriate unit size. We offer a range of unit sizes, so choose one that accommodates your belongings without wasting space.
  2. Pack and Label: Before storing your items, pack them properly to protect them from damage. Use sturdy boxes, bubble wrap, and packing materials as needed. Label each box with its contents to make it easier to find specific items later. All of this is available for sale in our retail area in reception.
  3. Protect Fragile Items: If you have fragile items like electronics or glassware, consider using additional padding or protective materials to ensure they are well-protected during storage. Place them in a secure position within the storage unit to minimise the risk of damage.
  4. Arrange Transportation: Arrange for transportation to the Self-Storage facility. This can involve renting a moving truck or using a professional moving service if needed. We have a list of Man with a Van services we can recommend.
  5. Organise the Storage Unit: Once you arrive at the facility, organise your storage unit efficiently. Place frequently needed items near the front for easy access. Consider using shelves or racks to maximize vertical space and keep your belongings organised. These can be added to all of our storage units as long as they are free standing.
  6. Take Security Precautions: We provide a sturdy lock on your unit and have tamper proof locks.
  7. Keep Important Documents: If you’re storing important documents like passports, academic records, or identification papers, consider keeping them in a separate folder or box that you can easily access when needed.
  8. Maintain Insurance: Our Insurance is specifically for self-storage customers and will protect against fire and theft.
  9. Keep a Checklist: Before leaving the storage facility, create a checklist of all the items you stored. This will help you remember what you have in storage and assist in retrieving specific items when needed.

Remember we have a two week notice period when you need to move out and we refund deposits as long as the unit is left in good condition. By following these steps, you can ensure a smooth and secure storage experience for your student belongings during the summer holidays.