With many of us still working from home, it’s become not only our sanctuary to relax in but also a place that needs to help inspire us for the working day ahead.

With the craziness of life, there’s not always time, or opportunity to keep it tidy but with hybrid working becoming more and more common, it’s important we try and keep it as clutter free as possible. Not only so it doesn’t become an eyesore but so it doesn’t contribute to causing distractions and anxiety when you’re trying to work or relax.

When you have a little spare time (even 5 minutes), to tackle those pesky areas, that effect your productivity the most, here are some handy hints and tips. Hopefully they help inspire you to you get to grips with some all-important decluttering…

Set yourself a time limit for the decluttering session – this will ensure you’re efficient with your time and not dragging it out (which is very easily done).

Be brutal – if you don’t think you need that ornament/piece of furniture/stack of books etc around you while you work, dump it in a box or shift it out of sight to get it out of your way.

Tackle your desk space first – be it the kitchen table or office desk, it’s important that this is kept clear with only essentials, so distraction is minimalised.

File away paper documents – looking at mountains of piled up papers can really cause distraction when working and doesn’t give you a clear head needed for working efficiently.

Get rid of sticky notes – these stuck everywhere may help for a short period of time, with a specific project but if left well after use, will likely cause you to feel a little irritated and distracted. You can always keep them in a cupboard if you feel they may come in useless again one day.

Create a video call wall – we’ve all had that mad panic to get stuff cleared away before a video call but having one set place you can do this from makes all the difference.

If at all possible, try and create a dedicated space for working in – one that you can keep clutter free. This could involve turning a spare room into a temporary office by transferring bigger furniture into personal storage. Get in-touch with us to find out the different options we offer for this.

And if you want to go a step further and ensure you’re creating the right kind of positivity energy in your home working space, follow these feng shui tips from The Spruce.


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