1. You need to declutter

Using self storage prior to selling your house allows you declutter and show your house off to its fullest potential.

On moving day, itself it also means you will pay less for the removal company, as they often charge by how long it will take to pack up your belongings and how many journeys they will need to make. As such, moving things you won’t need right away into self storage, means the big day will go a lot quicker and you’ll pay less. Win win!

By decluttering, you’ll also be able to see what ‘basics’ you’re left with and how they’ll fit into your new home. Once you’re settled, you can make an informed decision about what you want to keep in the long term and what you are prepared to get rid of.

2. You come up against an unexpected issue on moving day

Couple eating PizzaMoving house doesn’t always go to plan on the day, however self storage is a great back-up that can give you piece of mind in case of unplanned problems you come up against. This allows you to put your belongings temporarily in storage until you work out your next plan.

For example, if you’re buying and there’s a chain, all it takes is for one person to have a problem with their mortgage approval or removals company and it can all come crashing down! If so, our easy and accessible drive-up units can provide a safe and secure place to store all your belongs, until the issue is resolved.

3. You might be moving between houses

Man Moving sofa

Moving isn’t always a smooth process and sometimes you may be in the position where you’ve sold your house first (or given notice on your tenancy), then need to rent somewhere or stay with family or friends until you can find or move into your new home.

If this happens and your temporary accommodation doesn’t have room for all of your furniture, then it makes sense to use self storage. That way you can put everything except your day-to-day essentials away, until you’re settled for the long term.

4. You don’t want to sit looking at all your ‘stuff’ in boxes for days/weeks on end

You may want to get in and get unpacked as quickly as possible but work/life commitments may mean that’s not possible, or you may actually want to unpack slowly, so you can get a feel for the place first.

Storing all but the essentials in self storage for a few days or even weeks can be a useful option and you’ll feel more in control in an otherwise stressful situation (and won’t have to put up with looking at boxes surrounding you every day).


5. Your new home needs some work

You might be taking on a bit of a project, with home renovations and/or redecorating needed before you move in. If so, Sheeplands Storage offers a great range of different size units to cater for all your needs and ensures you don’t have to work around it. Get in touch today to find out more and secure your spot!